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Spring is here - sort of - and although the snow is mostly gone, we are not released from the responsibility of safely transporting food orders. Please note these year-round guidelines are required for the safe transport of the food you receive from us, from the time of pick-up at the Food Bank or tailgate site, to its arrival at your facility. Our utmost concern is for the client receiving the food, who may already be in poor health. We all want to give people safe and wholesome food.

  • Loads in open trailers or the beds of pickup trucks must be covered and strapped in place - NO MATTER THE WEATHER.
  • Make sure the people picking up your order are aware of this and come prepared with tarps and rope, bungee cords, etc. to protect and secure the load.
  • We DO NOT have these materials at the Food Bank and shrink wrap alone is not enough.
  • If your driver comes unprepared to cover and strap your food order, we will not release the food to him/her. This includes food being picked up at tailgate sites.
  • The trailer or truck bed must be free of debris such as leaves, dirt or trash. If your vehicle is not clean, you will be asked to remove debris in the parking lot before you enter the distribution center.

In addition to rain, in an open vehicle the possibility exists for bird droppings, bugs and road debris to come into contact with the order, damaging cases and creating unsanitary conditions. We want product stored at your agency to be clean and free of possible contamination. This is why any load transported in an open trailer or truck must be covered and secured in place - regardless of the weather. Further, a clean vehicle reduces the chance of contamination to your food order. If we feel a vehicle is not clean, your order will not be released until the issue is resolved.


Also, be sure your vehicle is large enough to safely hold your food order. Overloaded vehicles can be a hazard on the road to your driver and others who share the road. If your order is too large to safely be loaded in your vehicle, you may be asked to make a second trip for the rest of your order.


If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact Patty Parker, Director of Member Agency Relations at 269-441-4437 or Jim Rowe, Food Safety Manager at 269-441-4435.


Orders that are picked up at the Food Bank must be received no later than 3 working days prior to pick up. Orders for tailgates must be placed 4 working days in advance. These deadlines will also apply to any changes Agencies may wish to make to their order - with the exception of cancelations.  


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