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Retail Store Donation Program

It is estimated that more than 800 million pounds of wholesome food is discarded from retail grocery stores in the United States. The Food Bank of South Central Michigan partners with grocery stores and other retailers to keep that food out of the waste stream and move it into homes in our community.

The Food Bank works closely with store managers and receiving teams to sort close-to-code food that is no longer shelf-worthy but is still wholesome and pick-up that food by the Food Bank’s refrigerated trucks, or directly by our member agencies.

In fiscal year 2015, the Food Bank of South Central Michigan and our retail program partners saved more than 2.5 million pounds of wholesome food from the waste stream and distributed that food to neighbors in south central Michigan. That represents $4.3 million worth of food.

Stores who would like to donate should call Jenna Maxwell at (269) 964-3663 to discuss a partnership. Our team will meet with your store management team to explain the value of donating and best donation practices.

Our Current Retail Program Partners